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Zoom is a universal meeting software/plateform that allows the caller to join either via video, voip, or utilizing the zoom app for android and iOS devices. This allows the participants to join in the office or on the go with just a few clicks.

Prep before the Call
-Download the Zoom App for IOS and Android
-Download the Zoom App for Mac or PC
-Simply Call-In Using a landline or cell phone

Download Zoom

Call Etiquette

1. Be On Time– There is a lot of energy put together to make the calls possible and to be respectful to the Host/Coach.  Please don’t be late.

2. Joining the Call Late– Do not announce yourself if you join 5 min late or later.  This tends to interrupt the flow of conversation or training in progress.  The Host will be notified when someone has joined and at a break in the conversation we will ask for your name then.

3. Sharing a Thought– The calls are designed to be dialogue and not just one voice the entire time.  However, please don’t take a lot of time to make a point or share an idea.  If we have a specific topic or Guest Caller, we will strive to stay on point.  The Host/Guest will help make this possible.  If we are unable to get to your questions due to sheer volume, we welcome feedback via the website.  Our goal is to assist you in your ministry.

4. Question & Answer– There will be time on each call for Q & A.  As stated these calls are not just for information but assistance.  If you have a need or interest please email it here prior to the call to expedite your need.  This will allow for more time and energy to be placed in helping you.  If a thought does arise during the call and time doesn’t allow for complete assistance, we will make arrangements to assist with the question at hand at a later date.  If we have a large volume on line the Q & A time will be set up on a call queue of questioners.  You will need to press *6 to be added to the call queue of questioners.

5. Recording– The conversations are recorded for future training purposes.  Please keep this in mind when making comments and suggestions.

6. Background Noise– We do record the conversations to make them available for future training.  If you are in a noisy place, please mute your phone or follow the “Mute *6” instructions provided under the audio coaching call information.  If the noise becomes a distraction the Host does have the right to mute you or drop you from the call.

How to Join the Call

Zoom Support