What We Do.

The YMCNetwork provides free training and coaching with seasoned student ministry experts. Past coaches include the likes of Duffy Robbins, JC Worley, Jeanne Mayo and Greg Steir. Receiving training is as simple as registering online for the call and investing 45 minutes of time to join in the conference calls you wish to attend.

How It Works.

The lead team selects topics of discussion to give an opportunity for student pastors to listen in, offer comments, and share ideas in areas of need. 
YMCN has been and still is being developed to be a great resource to student pastors. YMCN is growing and therefore so will the resources and facilitators.  Join in on the conversation and get your personal invitation today.

Who we are.

We are youth pastors that have a heart for students. Reaching young people is what wakes us up in the morning. We believe that the opportunity to connect with people who are experiencing and striving for the same goal is the most effective way to accomplish that. We want to provide a network where we can all learn from each other and help each other in specific areas of ministry. We want you to feel like you aren’t doing this alone, and know that we are here to help each other.

Stewart Wilkerson

Team Member

Ory Hampton

Team Member

Bruce Blair

Team Member

Dewayne Moree



The ability to work effectively and exclusively with different people and understand how to adapt to different cultures and environments to equip the youth leader.


The ability to meet commitments, act responsibly with public and personal trust, and be above board with words and actions.


The ability to facilitate, negotiate, build consensus, build strong teams, and empower others. The goal is to equip, edify, and encourage


The ability to question assumptions and beliefs, understand strengths and weaknesses, and commit to continued growth within a community context.