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by Brian Downing
February 6, 2013 Coaching Call

What does a purposeful youth ministry look like?

  • Relational
  • Systematic
  • Intentional
  • Future-focused
  • Vision-based
  • Biblical
  • Well-planned

We may know how to create a service or event with purpose but is our youth ministry, as a whole, created with purpose?

  1. Here’s The Problem
    Most youth ministries are only partially purposeful.
    Youth ministries tend to operate in a Rogue manner: Random events, random services, inconsistent ministries, little to no movement, poor ministry transitions and short term planning.
    Don’t confuse a powerful movement with long term effectiveness in your youth ministry.  Reward requires strategic planning (maneuvering through rough waves)!
  2. Here’s Why It Is A Problem:
    We fail to maximize our long term ministry effectiveness.
    Great services/events do not = a purposeful ministry.  Sometimes God moves despite us!
    • Student’s needs can be missed after a great service/event.
    • Relationships may be overlooked.
    • Your services purpose may be misunderstood!

The seeds we want to plan may fall on stony ground w/out being purposeful.

3.  Here’s How To Fix It

We must make decisions based on our vision.

Personal Decisions vs. Vision Based Decisions:

  • Personal decisions are made by what we value and our experiences.
  • Vision Based Decisions are made through the primary mode of Vision.

5 steps to developing a purposeful youth ministry

  1. Establish a goal.
  2. Develop steps to reaching your goal. (Discipleship is a step with many potential ministries and programs.)
  3. Eliminate any distractions. (Ask Samson!)
  4. Build ministries and events around the vision.
  5. Create transitional pieces that move you toward your vision.

3 filters for vision based decision making

  1. How does this decision line up with God’s Word?
  2. How does this decision help us disciple students?
  3. How does this decision line up with our Pastor/Church vision?

Psalms 37:23-24
“The steps of the righteous are order by the Lord.  Though they may stumble, they will not fall, for the Lord will uphold their hand.”

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